Travel Tips

Here are some of the things to keep in mind when visiting or camping with us

Here are a few pointers when visiting Leratong Tourism

Visitors are advised to buy dry snacks, light lunch, sweets and sports drinks at Setsing Shopping Centre in Phuthaditjhaba before coming for day activities.
Our location on Google Maps is listed as Leratong CCS Horse Riding which also should appear as you punch it in on your vehicle navigation system and will lead you straight to our office door in Leratong Village.
We have camping equipment available for guests up to 24 sharing with shower facilities and mobile camping toilets and two large gazebos alternatively we book at local graded guest houses for our clients or we avail camping facilities for campers. There are frequent power cuts and cuts on running tap water so we always keep water reserves on standby in days there isn’t tap water and we have alternative methods like solar power chargers etc in days there are power cuts. Guests are advised to bring their own solar powered or battery operated chargers for lamps and devices.
All tours into Lesotho from South Africa will require international tourists to have checked with both the South Africa and Lesotho Embassies in their country if there will be a requirement for you to have a visa to go into Lesotho while visiting in South Africa.
Temperatures at Leratong Village can drop down to -1 degrees in the mornings in the winter months of May to July with maximums of up to 19 degrees with cold winds and more chances of thick snow more than the lower lying areas in the region in most days and in the summer months of September to March temperatures can drop to 8 degrees in the mornings with regular heavy fog patches,frequent weather changes during the day and chances of rain.
Tourists are advised to wear warm comfortable clothes which will allow them to flexibly move in the mountainous area, hiking boots or running shoes are a must to wear for the duration of the visit there should always be a water proof foldable body cover or rain coat in the backpack as sudden changes in weather may occur in the berg.
Leratong Tourism operates in a territory monitored by the South African Police Service and the South African National Defence Force and also has first aid officers for all activities and emergency medical assistance on standby.
All our activities are on a pre-booking only. Contact us to place a booking today. Contatc Us